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The Year of the Dog

12/04/2021 | 100M Trail | 16:03:57

Ryan ran five 20-mile loops at Prince William Forest Park down in Virginia, PR'd at the 100-mile trail distance and set a new course record by over an hour and a half.


A great faster 100-mile trail race in the winter. Race Director Toni put on a great event and had some of the best stocked aid stations I have ever seen throughout my short time of running ultras. Started off at a comfortable pace and made my way up to first by the end of the first loop. Held first for the rest of the race and created a gap of 6 hours by the end of the day. Was able to set a new course record by over an hour and a half. Met some pretty cool runners and volunteers as well. I was also able to maintain putting down solid food for the entirety of the race, and just fell short of breaking 16 hours. The R8 roller at aid stations was clutch in helping me stay loose. Rough spots were between mile 60-70. Shoutout to Cody for crewing me, and Gareth and Kat showing up to surprise me in the middle of the race.

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